It is not about me


I offer an authentic tantra massage, this means it is about you, your relaxation and your journey to yourself. I understand when people have the need to touch and it makes it more fulfilled when the energy can flow in a circle between you and me when we feel a connection. But giving and receiving has to be in the right balance. It is certainly the wrong attitude when your main reason for this massage is to touch me. Some people get very excited seeing a naked woman. It is our society when nakedness it is not given as a natural thing but connected with sexual activities and pornography. Our society is very "unnatural" and so a tantra massage has a negative reputation, which is very sad. In a real tantra massage being naked is not connected with sex or sexual activities. And so I am not a substitute for any kind of missing sexual interaction which makes you want to touch me all the time or in a sexual way. 

My foto gallerie has the purpose to present me as an honest and trustful person, rather then to make you feel attracted by me. I want to give you the confidence to open yourself during the massage, to open your mind, to let things go and finally being open towards life.