Tantra massage for women


I would like to encourage more women enjoying my massage. I understand the fears of women, because there are much more massage offers for men which often have a sexual background. I understand the fear that I would be bisexual and that I would have a sexual interest offering this massage.

My massage is on a higher level. I love to give loving attention to both gender without any sexual interest or being sexual aroused. I myself have visited tantric practioners and have enjoyed the female massage much more than the male one and I am not bisexual. The female touch has another quality for me, more gentle and empathic. I think many women would agree to this. I had female clients with a rejecting attitude towards the yoni massage, but they opened more and more up during the session and in the end they could also enjoy the massage of their genital. There is no pressure for a yoni massage. I think only a woman knows about the vulnerability of the yoni and is therefore more sensitive and mindful. It can be easier for the female client to let herself go when there is trust to another woman and when there is no role she has to play, she can just be like she is, and she can express her wishes and needs in a protected space.