About me

I am German and started my spiritual journey about ten years ago in Germany with my first giving tantra massage. It was "love at first sight". I was getting aware what is deep inside me: my sensuality, my love to touch and to give, my warmth and affection. I feel I am gifted with these attributes, this is my calling. Besides tantra I also feel a connection to Reiki healing, which I am learning at the moment. The spiritual meaning of the tantra massage is important for me: to honour the divine inside each part of the recipient`s body. It is a pleasure seeing people`s happy smile afterwards, they often didn`t expect what they experienced. You can learn massage techniques, but you can`t learn to give, being empathic, it has to be inside you. This is the spirit of tantra, a very special massage, given by special people. 

- Rose, tantric therapist -