My Tantra Massage

Open your heart for a new sensual experience

Tantra unites body, mind and soul.

I offer an authentic tantric massage for men, women and couples which can help to fight stress, depression, to release blockades, traumas and to bring more joy in your life.  Have a break from every day life, enjoy the deep relaxation and the healing benefit.

I will welcome you with an open mind, there is no judgement or preference. The spiritual teaching shows us that we are all connected with each other, I would like you to feel my love and to take it with you and into your world.

I will discuss the massage with you before and will be open to speak about your experience afterwards.

The massage is holistic and sensual, it is meant to feel your strongest life energy what is your sexual energy. I massage every part of your body very gently and mindful with slowly soft strokes and naked body to body by using warm unscented almond oil, it is a worship of your body. Being naked means that I am on the same level like you.

The massage is like a meditation, being in the present will calm your mind. The slowly strokes will enhance to feel and be connected with yourself. The goal is to let it all go, to let all thoughts go, just enjoying the moment and the feeling, maybe to let yourself fall into another state of consciousness or a trance, there is no right or wrong. In order to reach this state and to feel and experience yourself it is important that you keep a passive role and not think about or to try to touch me, it is about to surrender. But it is possible holding each other in certain parts of the massage. The genital area is usually included: lingham (penis) and yoni (vagina), unless this is not your wish. The lingham and yoni massage is in the last phase.

The tantra massage can give you a new insight in your sexuality, to feel your sex connecting with your heart.

It is possible to include a prostate massage for men. Please let me know beforehand.

I will create for you a trustful intimate and safe space, where all upcoming emotions are welcome. It can be healing and cleansing to let it all go what is hidden deep inside you.

You will find more videos about my massage here:

"Tantra teaches you to reclaim respect for the body, love for the body" (Osho)