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I offer an authentic tantra massage, this means it is about you, your relaxation and your journey to yourself. I understand when people have the need to touch and it makes it more fulfilled when the energy can flow in a circle between you and me when we feel a connection. But giving and receiving has to be in...

My bounderies


This is a neverending story. I have to continue talking about my bounderies, because some customers don`t care about my rules or they think they can try to overstep them in the second massage. This forces me to remember them again and again. I also know there are clients who don`t read my website or not very carefully and...

I would like to encourage more women enjoying my massage. I understand the fears of women, because there are much more massage offers for men which often have a sexual background. I understand the fear that I would be bisexual and that I would have a sexual interest offering this massage.