Another wonderful crop circle appeared on the 18th June 2023. It seems like this is the visualisation of the new cosmic energy we are receiving now.

If you need more loving attention by being hold by me it is possible to book a longer session for 2,5 or 3 hours.

Men`s problem


It is quite common that men who have reached a mature age are suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and I am asked if I can help them. I am not a sexual body worker and I don` t focus on that, because my massage is holistic. It makes more sense to look at the causes instead of...

Lets start with this question, because its important, there are so many different views on this subject and a lot of confusion. I would like to give more light into the tunnel and see more clearly what Tantra really is. It is not just something sexual. Sexuality is only a little aspect in Tantra among others. I like this...