You will find my email below for asking for an appointment.

I am located at Eastbourne town center.  I don't have one hour appointments!!!!!!

Please give me a few words about your motivation, why you want to experience a Tantra massage and your approximate age. *  What do you think, what benefits could you gain from my massage? You don`t need to send a picture.

I don`t have appointments for the same day. So please don`t try it !!

* Why do I need this information?

Many people have different ideas of Tantra. So I have to see if you are the right customer for me and that there are no disappointments on both sides. If you don`t mind please give me your approximate age, it helps me to know what person I can expect.

I usually reply within a day. Sometimes my emails end up into the Spam folder. Please check it if you miss my reply.