For him: 

Lingham massage

      Prostate massage

The lingham massage is in the last part of the tantra massage.

Through this kind of massage you can for example achieve a better control over your sexual energy and your sex driive. I will not force orgasm or ejaculation, but everything what is emerging is welcome. The lingham massage helps to prolong the erection and in cases of premature ejaculation. The blood circulation is improved and the erection will become stronger. All in all the lingham massage will help you to have a more joyful sexual life with your partner.

I also give you a prostate massage if you wish to, which I integrate into the tantra massage.

If you are looking for sex, oral sex or other sexual activities you are wrong here ! I am also not there supplying several orgasms.                                                     

The prostate is the G-Spot of the man or Sacred Spot.  It is a walnut sized gland located just under the bladder.

The prostate secretes fluid that nourishes and protect sperm. During ejaculation this fluid is squeezed into the urethra, and it`s expelled with sperm as semen.

The prostate massage is included into the tantric massage if this is your wish. Usually you are lying on your front. I stimulate the prostate directly via the anus.

Besides the benefits for your health and sexual potency you can experience a complete new intense sensation, which is for most men very pleasurable in a sexual context. It is possible to achieve orgasm, solely through stimulation of the prostate.

Please let me know before the appointment if you want to have a prostate massage.