If your wish is having sex, intimate kisses or other sexual activities you are not right here.                    I am only able to give a good massage if I feel comfortable with you.

-  You have the passive part, that means that you donĀ“t touch me.  I am the one who gives the massage   and you are the receiver. We don`t change these roles.

-  Orgasms/ejaculations are not part of my massage.

-  Private contact or private meetings are not possible.

- Please let me know before the massage if you have any health issues. 

- The massage is taking place at my private home, so I only welcome you, when I have the                     impression that you are a kind and trustful person, who will respect my rules.

- I will stop the massage and reject you from any further massages if you ignore my boundaries.

                                                                Thank you !