Eclipse on 8th April 2024

Eclipses have always an impact on us. But this one is very special, because of the current time quality the sun is increasing it's activity. The sun is sending neutrinos which are very important for manifesting things. With the information of the sun you can grow and manifest your future and a better world. How does your better world looks like? It's now easier than ever to make your dreams come true. To unwrap this gift of the sun it is important that you are in a calm and joyful state as often as you can. My massage could also help you to achieve this condition, or a meditation.

The eclipse is taking place on the 8th April 2024 at 7.52pm English time. Its not important to watch the physical event, which could be seen in some part in the US (there are live streams on YouTube). The energy is important and the whole planet can benefit from it. But this energy is still available a few months after the eclipse.