Men`s problem


It is quite common that men who have reached a mature age are suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction and I am asked if I can help them. I am not a sexual body worker and I don` t focus on that, because my massage is holistic. It makes more sense to look at the causes instead of trying to get rid of the symptoms. The causes can be various like for example: too much stress and pressure, unhealthy diet, too much alcohol, diseases, medication, traumas, etc..

From my point of view lingham massages and breathing exercises are not the solution, you are responsible of your body. But I can help you with my massage to come into a more relaxed state, to connect with your body and love yourself and your body, which is the base to find more peace in yourself and not to try to fight against your body. This includes to accept your current situation. From here you have a good chance to change something.

Mental cleaning by starting thinking more positive is also helpful.

And... my massage is not just about your lower chacras!