What is love?

"I want to give you my love ! "

"What do you mean by that?"

"I can't explain it. You have to experience it in my massage."

About two years ago a customer asked me that question. He was interested in a tantra massage, because he had a sexualised experience with a masseuse and he hoped to experience some similar again. He didn't understand that tantra massages are not all the same and I couldn't make him understand what the real tantra means, because I think his soul wasn't ready for it. Not everyone is ready for it. So how can you for example explain to someone the smell of beautiful flowers when this person is not able to smell it? 
So this customer tried to touch me in a sexual way during the massage. When I tried to explain him afterwards that my massage is not the right one for him he said: "But you have a wonderful body." 

But I know there are many others who are able to see and to understand and I had and have wonderful customers who are so grateful, and this is making me happy.


I hope you like the attached music for your relaxation. I love the Celic flute and the lovely pictures put me in a special delightful space. Maybe with this music you can visualize a better and wonderful world in which everyone knows what love is and who are keen to show it to each other.