I can really recommend "Spiritual Bliss". Rose has a delightful and delicate touch and uses almond oil to enhance the sensations of a true tantric massage. I have been practicing tantra for over 10 years and I can honestly say that Rose is one of the best tantric therapists that I have come across in the UK. You won`t disappointed and Rose will take you to a new world that is the tantric experience.

- Tom, East Sussex - 

"Hi Rose, just wanted to thank you for the most sensual erotic relaxing experience. I`ve never experienced that before and just holding you in silence spoke more than words could express. Be well."

I am of the opinion that no testimonial can do justice to the pleasure that you bring during a visit. In my humble opinion you certainly have provided me with the best massage that I have ever experienced over 20 years.  

Hi Rose, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience with you yesterday; it was 2 hours of complete bliss. I am still in a trance and cannot wait to arrange a second visit. 

Hi Rose. It was lovely to meet you and thank you for the most wonderful massage.

Rose, thank you so much for an amazing introduction to Tantra. It was a pleasure meeting with you and the experience definitely to be repeated.

Dear Rose, THANK YOU!!

for a wonderful experience yesterday. 

Received all you gave! with gratitude and joy!

Having never had Tantric Massage before I contacted Rose for an appointment. On arrival there was a tranquil ambiance about the room which helped me to relax, Rose explained about the massage. She has a truly magical touch which took me to a level of sheer sensual pleasurable erotic sensations I'd never experienced or known before, as if floating to a higher place before bringing me gently back to the real world. Thank you for introducing me to the delights of Tantra. You are truly a specially gifted person and I feel blessed to have met. Thank you a thousand times for this amazing experience.

- B D, Brighton -

Reading Rose's advertisement I wondered of what a 4 hand Tantric massage comprised. I made an appointment to meet with Rose and her male colleague for a 4 hand Tantric massage. On arrival we discussed about the massage then stood with hands joined surrounded by candle light, incense and soothing music in quiet contemplation before I lay down for the massage. The feeling of 4 hands together performing the massage is a totally different and very enjoyable sensationally intimate experience, with both of them working in exact tandem.It was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life before and very erotic. I felt myself as if drifting to an incredibly special place where all my senses became heightened and wholly alive, like I had drifted outside myself to view everything from afar the peak of which was the climax of my whole body tingling as if electrical current was coursing through my body from head to toe, even to the tips of the hair on my head seemed to be tingling. I could imagine it was as if in an out of world experience with two wonderful people totally at one and devoted to their craft. Thank you Rose for a truly amazing and thrilling experience.

- B.D. Brighton, October 2018 -